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qr codeThere's enough of those so-called "free" invoicing programs out there that claim to be free, but really aren't when you read the fine print. With us you can be sure that you may use the FREE version for as long as you like. Send as many invoices you need! Every function is included in the "price" :)
Easy Invoicing
We live by the belief that you should waste a minimal amount of time and frustration on the mundane task of invoicing. Instead, our goal is that you free up your valuable time to concentrate on what matters most to you - your business! We believe that when you sit down and do your invoicing, it should be painless & fun (well, almost!)
Debt Collection - Seamless Support
This new service to all customers will be implemented in the very near future. Further news to be communicated soon!
Customer Control
Instead of creating yet another confusing CRM program, we've added a few useful customer related functions to InvoiceClub. You can add "activities" relating to your customers and a sorted list is compiled for you on the front page. These can be set with or without a deadline. An automatic map powered by Google shows the customers location, and you can, with a quick glance, find out if your customer has paid their invoices on time; see a list of previously sent invoices, and more, thus giving you a full helicopter view.
statsYou'll get a graph showing your turnover on the main page. Compare with previous calendar years and watch your business evolving! We're working on a more detailed report, where you'll be able to see the development of each individual customer, turnover analysed by business area, and a statistically average time from invoicing to payment received.
Offering System
You can easily create new offers! This is done in the same page where you create new invoices. When a new offer is generated, you can send out an email containing a link to the offer, hosted on our servers. Your customer then clicks on the link to access the online Offer Portal. At this Portal the customer can provide real-time feedback to you: accept the offer, reject the offer, or ask for a new offer from you. The feedback from the customer is stored in the system and an email is sent to you with the reply.